Moments that Shaped Us

The history begins more than 30 years ago, on March 1, 1993, with the company Kompani d.o.o.

This company was initiated by four enthusiasts with the aim to cater to all requirements of the broadcast market. The company’s initial focus was on computer animation, which is reflected in its name: “KOMPjuterska ANImacija” (in Serbian: COMPuter ANImation).

Alongside the production of advanced 3D opening titles, commercials, and music videos, we also developed specialized software packages for real-time graphics on sports broadcasts, encompassing all major sports in our region (more than 15 different sports).

In 1995, we purchased our first Sillicon Graphics workstations. The same year, we also became representatives for the most sophisticated software for 3D animation – Alias Wavefront, as well as software for image processing and compositing – Discreet Logic

By 1997, we were in a position to offer non-linear editing systems, the first video servers, and integrated systems for program preparation.

Simultaneously, we invested in the development of our playout software PlayIT! and the subtitling software PlayCaptions. By the year 2000, we had numerous installations of PlayIT! and PlayCaptions in regional TV stations, as well as televisions with national coverage.

From 2001 onwards, we became representatives of traditional TV brands (system cameras, tripods, lenses, lighting, video switchers, and audio consoles), thereby completing the portfolio of products that can offer the production of TV programs from “glass to glass”, that is, from the camera in the studio to TV sets in the house.

In 2005, the company transitioned to its current format and name: Kompani digiTV.

During the same year,  we installed a comprehensive digital radio production and playout system at the Serbian public broadcaster.

In 2009, we designed, and by March 2010, we fully delivered, commissioned, and conducted training for the first multi-channel HD system in the Western Balkan region.

Subsequently, in 2012, we embarked on implementing the largest TV Playout System in the region at the biggest commercial broadcaster. By 2020, this system had expanded to 60+ channels.

In 2016, Kompani digiTV commissioned the digital platform for playout, supporting 5 TV channels, at the Serbian public broadcaster.

Just a few weeks before the Covid lockdown in February 2020, we successfully deployed the most comprehensive News Production System in the region.

Over the past three decades, we have been able to meet all client requests, offering a mix of the highest quality hardware and software, the latest technologies, and tailored solutions.